Human beings are social animals by nature. We invest in and thrive on relationships. There is perhaps no greater fear than being an outcast from a group or being set aside by someone you love, but disappointment is part of life and learning to cope helps us move forward. We need to remember things about rejection that will lessen the pain somewhat.

This too shall pass
When a setback happens, you need to remember that it’s temporary. However deeply you may think to the contrary in the present moment, you will recover from it. Human beings adapt to all circumstances. As the saying goes, “The graveyards of the world are full of indispensable people.” The person you think today you can’t live without will tomorrow become part of your past, and learning from your experience, you will move on.

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel
No matter how dim, no matter how far. Things may seem overwhelming in the moment, but there’s a bigger picture than our present misery, and tomorrow is another day. In life’s journey, disappointment is like a GPS, helping us to recalculate the direction we’re going in.

It’s not personal
Even though we feel resentful against the person who rejected us, we must understand that relationships cannot be forced. The reason for the rejection is not you – it is probably the chemistry or the timing that’s not working, and it would be futile to drag it on.

Better things are waiting
Believe it or not, you may look back on this phase and thank your lucky stars you got out when you did. New opportunities are always waiting, all you have to do is move forward with an open mind so you can grab em!

It makes you more humane
Empathy is the essence of goodness. Going through pain makes us more aware of the pain of others. Like Oprah says, ‘no experience is wasted’.

You’re in good company
If it’s any consolation, you’re never the sole victim of rejection. Oprah was told she was ‘unfit for TV’. Harry Potter was rejected by 12 publishers before JK Rowling got a chance to see it in print. Walt Disney was fired as a reporter because ‘he had no imagination’. And the list goes on; like them, you too, will have the last laugh.