That exercise is good for you is beyond doubt, but what is doubtful is whether or not every kind of exercise is good for you.

As the saying goes, discretion is the better part of valour, so it makes sense to choose your regimen wisely, making sure it really works for you. According to fitness experts, the following exercises are best left to professionals aka hardcore athletes because in your case, they actually may do you more harm than good.

  1. Plank rows. If you just want to strengthen your core, plank rows could be a good exercise but for strengthening your back and arms, traditional rows are much better because holding a one-armed plank could be a balance challenge, limiting your ability to row with a heavy weight later.

2. Doing squats on a BOSU ball. That the half-exercise ball, half-flat platform device could add instability to your workout is probable, but trying to do squats while standing on the ball may actually turn out to be dangerous, leading to serious injury. Unless you’re a world class athlete it’s better to stick to traditional squats, or wall squats where your back is supported, with knees directly above the ankles.

3. Shoulder shrugs. Fitness experts now recommend that most people should skip shoulder shrugs, except professional bodybuilders. Instead they say, you must focus on back and arm movement as shoulder shrugs only target the muscles running along the top of your shoulders and neck. In comparison straight arm lifts to the sides may be more effective in building stronger shoulders as well as arms.

4. The dumbbell punch. Experts say holding a dumbbell and punching the air is a futile exercise for people who have a limited time to exercise. As it works well only if done at a sustained speed over a long time it’s best left to professional athletes. Experts recommend time-tested bicep curls and tricep extensions instead for stronger shoulders and more toned arms.