Psychologists say that whenever we’re aware that a choice we’re about to make or a course of action we’re about to follow is not the right one, we immediately fall back on ‘logical’ arguments (which are anything but logical) to justify ourselves. That’s why you’ll rarely ever hear mentally strong people use these statements.

1. ‘YOLO’. ‘You only live once’ is the classic mantra of an immature, reckless mind. It’s always used to justify immediate gratification and though it’s nice to indulge yourself sometimes, treats cease to be treats if they’re repeated too often. A successful life is one where a balance is struck between risk and long-term benefit.

2. ‘I’m just being honest’. Honesty is a virtue, insensitivity is not. You need to be be mature enough to realize that honesty must never come at the price of hurting other people’s feelings. You’ll get no respect for being ‘brutally honest’ all the time, but you may get the reputation of being a brute and see all your friends disappear, so cultivate tactfulness, it’s a very effective problem-solver.

3. ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks’. A callous attitude towards other people’s culture, rules of behavior and expectations is just a blatant poster for selfishness. The willingness to be part of a team, participate in a healthy give and take of ideas, and presenting your viewpoint without hostility are all skills that will help you in personal as well as business negotiations.

4. ‘I deserve to be happy’. This is a justification we try to throw at well-wishers who’re warning us about something that’s actually going to put our long-term happiness in jeopardy. Lasting satisfaction is better than fleeting, momentary pleasure. Give yourself some time to reflect before giving in to this hedonistic impulse. You may regret it soon after.