Heartburn (of the digestive variety) can be a most unpleasant physical sensation, and you need to address what’s causing it, especially if it becomes a regular feature in your day. Getting rid of it without medication can simply be a matter of eliminating triggers – you need to steer clear of these most common usual suspects – once you’ve identified that they’re the ones causing your discomfort.

1. Orange and grapefruit juice. The lovely photos in glossies of a hearty breakfast with a glass of orange juice do look tempting, but may not work for you. Citrus fruit, like oranges and grapefruit are high in acidic content and can cause heartburn later. If you notice this happening to you, switch to a berry-based smoothie instead.

2. Tomatoes. Loaded with lycopene, minerals and vitamins, tomatoes are a powerhouse of nutrients but also a trigger for acidity in your digestive tract. If tomatoes in your salad give you heartburn, try chewing gum afterwards. This increases saliva production and tones down the acidity.

3. Garlic and onions. A staple for adding flavor to food, and generally beneficial for health, onion and garlic do not necessarily suit everyone as some people feel uncomfortable and bloated after eating them. Watch if they cause problems and cut down on them where you can.

4. Spicy and fried food. Pakoras, samosas, masala-heavy chaat, bun kababs, and so on – these mouth-watering delights of Pakistani cuisine are bad news for anyone suffering from a chronic acid-reflux problem – go for milder seasoning if they’re home-made. Fried food is harder to digest, making your stomach and gut work overtime — poached, steamed and grilled are better cooking options if you want to avoid the burn.