Strong ankles are an asset for anyone who’s on their feet most of the day – and with the exception of certified couch potatoes that means everyone, from professional athletes to fitness enthusiasts to just ordinary folk whose feet are just ‘killing them’.

In addition to supporting your weight, ankles are key in providing balance to your frame especially as you move, whether its walking, running or jumping that you’re doing, so strengthening the muscles around your ankles with these simple exercises will have huge payoffs.

1. Resistance Eversion. Working with a resistance band is a good way to make your ankles stronger. You can sit on the floor or on a chair with the band around your forefeet, and rotate your feet outward and upward for 3 sets of 10 reps at a time.

2. One-Leg Medicine Ball Toss. A friend or partner can help you with this one. Stand straight with weight on one foot and toss the ball back and forth to your partner. 5 sets for a minute on each foot will give your ankles a helluva workout.

3. Disc Balancing. A simple balance disc is a great addition to your home gym, and a good ankle strengthener. Stand on the disc on one leg and stay as long as you can. It won’t be more than a minute at first, but you’ll pick up and get better over time.

4. Single Leg Weight Shifts. Shift weight on one leg after standing up straight. Now slowly bend forward, raising the other leg to balance your posture till it’s parallel to the floor. Hold the position to the count of 10. Repeat a few times, then shift your weight to the other leg and repeat the same exercise.