Everyone who has traveled knows what a hassle it is to hail down taxis, find the right buses, or just be at someone’s mercy to drive you around when you’re on holiday.

A vacation becomes much more pleasurable when you can be ‘fancy-free and foot-loose’, and the four cities below, allow you to embark on a voyage of discovery using only a sturdy pair of sneakers.

1. Vancouver, Canada. This busy metropolis is now one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities on the world map. It’s ambition is by the year 2020, to become the greenest city on earth. In a bid to encourage residents and tourists to walk, the city government has installed over 200 pedestrian maps providing detailed guidance, so you’ll never get lost.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark. A picture-perfect beachfront, streets bustling with vibrancy, and beautiful, historic architecture make Copenhagen a walker’s paradise. Many thoroughfares have a ‘pedestrian-only’ rule, so residents too, prefer walking to driving.

3. Florence, Italy. The whole of the city center of Firenze can be navigated in a single day, on foot. The ‘old-world’ feel of this historic town has a lot to do with its streets being conducive to walking. The Maria le Fiore Cathedral, the buzzing markets, and the friendly sidewalk cafes can all be accessed in a day’s stroll.

4. New York, USA. All you need to explore the Big Apple is a thirst for adventure and strong legs. Manhattan, with its easily navigable grid, is a true walking city, where you’d miss its intrinsic delights if you whizzed by on wheels. Only 23% of its residents own a car, because getting around on foot is so much easier, not to mention definitely more fun!