Modern gyms today are packed with equipment that guarantees target-specific results, and if your goal is losing weight rather than body-building, experts say these are your best options:

  1. The Treadmill. This gym staple still rules the roost as far as cardio workout equipment is concerned, according to fitness experts. Simulating real-life walking and running, it’s the surest way to lose weight steadily. Professional trainer Colin Wester shares an insider tip, saying “Bear the load of your body by not holding the side handles of the treadmill. This will boost your ability to burn calories”.

2. The Group-Cycling Bike. Stationary bikes are a regular feature of home and professional gyms, but if you’re aiming to shed pounds quickly, group-cycling models are a better option, even if you’re exercising solo. “The fit is different,” says Krista Popowich, a master trainer for Keiser, a company that specializes in creating these bikes. Since the features can be adjusted to the rider’s body, the bikes are more comfortable, so you tend to exercise longer.

3. The StepMill. This is a fast-moving escalator-type machine created for gyms, simulating stair climbing. It’s one of the best pieces of cardio equipment, as the potential for calorie burning makes it ideal as a weight-loss exerciser.

4. The Rowing Machine. Rowing machines have recently made a big comeback in gym classes, especially in cardio programs. There are now new models, like the Indo-Row, which have water-filled front flywheels that imitate the dynamics of an actual boat sailing over water. Machines of this kind utilize more than 80 percent of your muscle mass, spreading the workload all over your body and burning calories faster.