Ever get that feeling you’re so tired you can’t sleep? It’s a classic symptom of insomnia, a very common sleep disorder. It can affect you in any form, from having trouble falling asleep, to waking up soon after you fall asleep, to counting sheep all night long. Sleep disorders can ruin your waking life, causing skin breakouts, aggravated blood pressure, anxiety and short temper as well as low productivity. However, there are ways you can combat this killer, so start now.

First of all. Remove all clutter from your bedroom. After a hard day’s work, you need a safe haven. Make your sleeping space as welcoming and comfortable as possible. Its a good investment. Make sure your bed is the right size for you and get rid of those lumpy pillows and mattress. You deserve better.

Establish a regular routine. Your body will adapt to and benefit from a proper sleep-wake cycle, your internal clock making the necessary adjustments. Try to stick to sleeping and getting up the same time every night and day.

Fit in some exercise in the early evening. Go for a walk after dinner, but avoid strenuous workouts just before sleeping, because they put your brain in alert mode.

Limit your caffeine intake after 6 pm. Remember, chocolate, hot cocoa and colas are also sources of caffeine. They’re likely to keep you awake for hours after drinking. Avoid heavy dinners and eat at least two hours before you intend to sleep.

Establish a winding-down routine. It will help set off sleep-inducing signals in your brain. Before sleeping relieve yourself of stress by engaging in a relaxing activity; light a fragrant candle, read for half an hour, listen to soothing music — anything that sets the tone for a good night’s rest.