Gorgeous, fashionable, confident and extremely sultry; Paris, known for its enchanting restaurants, seductive charms and balmy summer nights is the runway model city of the world!

It’s easy to fall in love with a city like Paris, but the city of love also has the ability to get you knee-high in exasperation and annoyance. Shop till you drop, wine and dine till your heart’s content, but do make sure to keep the following pointers in mind when visiting one of the World’s most exotic cities (just to ensure your trip is as amazing as you intended it to be):

1) Your Ticket – Your Best Friend! This is no joke; when travelling via public transport ensure your ticket is with you AT ALL TIMES. Believe it or not authorities are roaming around from train to train looking for perpetrators to punish if your ticket is found to be missing. Commuters can be fined as high as 100 Euros if you are caught without your ticket.

2) The Champs-Elysees – Not for Shopping! As scintillating as it may seem, the Champs-Elysees should not be your quintessential shopping destination. With prices sky-rocketing above and beyond all reason, you’d be surprised to find the same outlets in other parts of Paris offering more reasonable rates for the same products. If nothing else, shop when sales are at their peak so you can at least enjoy your little treasures without having to take a loan from the IMF.

3) The Louvre – Its Aight! It’s understandable if you want to observe every inch of the Louvre as though your life depended on it but honestly speaking, Paris has more depth, character and charm than just the Louvre. For the art lovers out there yes, the Mona Lisa is fabulous but there are also a host of smaller, more boutique museums with just as much to offer.

4) No Fashion Faux Pas’ – You’re in Paris! Frankly, the fact that you’re there is impressive enough but don’t get so dizzy with excitement that you end up committing fashion blunders even the fashion police would be ashamed to acknowledge.  Know the basics before you hit the high streets – no shorts unless you want to be considered a hapless tourist. Keep it casual chic and you’ll mingle in just fine.

5) Do Not Hail Cabs – This isn’t New York! It’s Paris and taxis are not going to get flagged with just the snap of a finger. Traffic in the city of love is insane; taking one will only hinder your planned activities and not help facilitate you in any way.