Cutting down on sugar is the only advisable, and healthy way to do it. Consuming too much sugar has negative effects on your well-being, and you need to watch not only how many spoonfuls are going into your tea or coffee, but also be conscious about the hidden ways sugar creeps into your diet. You can tell by these signs that the time to be cautious has come.

1. Your skin breaks out more often. There’s definitely a link between a high-sugar intake and acne-prone skin. Cut down on the candy, colas and desserts if you want the zits to disappear forever.

2. You’re exhausted early in the day. If your breakfast or midday snack is loaded with sneaky sugar like frosted cereal or sweetened yogurt you’re likely to have an ‘energy slump’ soon after. Even headaches are sometimes linked to sugar consumption. Opt for healthy protein and fibre instead to ward off ‘lethargy lows’.

3. Your blood pressure is higher than usual. High-sugar diets can cause a rise in blood pressure levels. In the medical journal Open Heart, experts call high sugar intake a worse risk for hypertension than sodium consumption. Overdosing on sugar can lead to cardiovascular problems.

4. You’re crashing after a workout. If you find your exercise routine is getting tougher to handle, it may be because you’re snacking on a high-sugar item just before hitting the gym. It’s going to spike up your blood sugar levels but there will also be a rapid drop later, leaving you feeling totally drained instead of refreshed.

5. The ‘blues’ are more frequent. The link between sugar intake and depression has been suggested by many medical studies. The opposite is also true – research shows that people who eat more whole grains and produce are less likely to suffer from depression and mood swings.