Scientific research has proven that all across the world, women today have a longer life-expectancy than men. Studies reveal that this has more to do with behavior than biology. When it comes to self-preservation, women seem to be making the right choices every time. Maybe their male counterparts can pick up a few tips from the ladies.

1. Safety comes first. Surveys show that women are much more safety-conscious than men. It’s often the males who disregard safety rules like seat belts, hazard signs and speed limits when driving. Generally, women are more cautious and think before they act in unfamiliar situations, whereas men (and fools) rush in.

2. There’s no smoke without fire. Lighting up cigarettes literally burns up your health. While about 20 of every 100 men smoke, only 15% women light up, and more women quit smoking yearly than men do. The sooner you give up the habit, the better chance you have of living longer.

3. Keep in touch with friends. Women generally tend to have more friends than men. Also, they connect with their friends more often than men do, and, they’re more likely to share problems with their BFFs. These friends provide a safety net of emotional stability. Being around trustworthy people who are also fun to be with, adds years to your life.

4. Save your skin. Literally. Men spend much more time in the sun on average than women do, but they’re usually careless about protection from sun-damage. Sunscreen are sans-gender; both men and women (and even children) need to guard against UV rays, which can cause skin damage and even cancer.

5. Keep an eye on your diet. The healthy-eating award would go to the girls if there was a competition anywhere in the world. Research says men focus more on meat, whereas women (even if reluctantly) consume more fruit and vegetables, since they are more weight-conscious. So fellas, follow suit of the ladies and load up your plates with nutritious fruit and veg that will add years to your life.