It’s that time of the year when you’re back to work after winter-break and looking longingly at the June page of the calendar. Well, it’s never too early to make a summer plan and if you’re  already doing that, here’s a few getaways maybe you ought to think about.

1. San Sebastian, Spain. The jewel of Spain’s Basque region and 2016 European Capital of Culture, San Sebastian will be celebrating this year with a bang! You can expect to get the best of street theatre, Basque festivals and artisan markets on your trip, as well as feast your eyes on large-scale artworks that are going to be exhibited in public spaces.

2. Vaud, Switzerland. This Swiss canton near Lake Geneva is a haven for celebrities seeking tranquillity. Audrey Hepburn and Charlie Chaplin are among the famous residents of  Vaud. The much awaited retreat ‘Chaplin’s World’ opens this spring – 35 acres of woodland, a Charlie Chaplin museum, contemporary art gallery, theatre and a festival site. The 65,000 square ft Aquatis Swiss Aquarium and Water Museum will also be opening this year.

3. Malta. If you’re looking for an affordable Mediterranean retreat, Malta is your best bet. With its temperate climate and splendid beaches, it can give you an economical, yet extremely romantic retreat compared to other European destinations. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, its capital Valetta, celebrating its 450th birthday this year, is full of stunning limestone architecture.

4. Mozambique. Snorkeling, surfing or safari – whatever choice you make, Mozambique offers them all! You can enjoy bargain-shopping on the busy streets of the capital city Maputo or chilling on the tranquil beaches. The Barra Beach, Benguerra Island and the historic Inhambane settlement should definitely make it onto your itinerary.

5. Abu Dhabi. If you want a perfect holiday closer to home, you can’t make a better choice than the Emirati capital, which has some great things in store for visitors this year. Jean Nouvel’s Louvre Abu Dhabi with its lacework dome that will let in ‘a rain of light’ will be open to visitors by summer, as will the Abu Dhabi Guggenheim Museum and Zaha Hadid’s Performing Arts Centre and Zayed National Museum. The glitzy shopping malls and restaurants offering global cuisine will keep the less artistically-inclined tourists busy.