It’s the fuel that revvs up your engine for a productive day, so ignoring breakfast isn’t a good idea at all! Going to work on an empty stomach is sure to make you feel ‘hangry‘ much before lunch, and will significantly pare down your efficiency levels.

Here’s some tips to help cope:

1. Make coffee work better. Coffee is usually the only breakfast item you don’t forgo, so use that to your advantage. Transform your coffee into a smoothie – add a banana, some berries and almond or soy milk to espresso to create a nutrient-packed starter for the day.

2. Add zest to your day with cinnamon. A report in Today’s Dietician says daily use of cinnamon can help improve fasting blood sugar levels and insulin insensitivity. Add a pinch to your cereal, smoothie or coffee for a bit of flavour and health benefits.

3. Swap peanut butter for jam. A slice of toast with jam will be metabolized by your system at a much faster rate than a peanut butter sandwich, especially if you opt for wholegrain bread. This fibre and healthy-fat combo will eliminate those 11 AM hunger pangs and keep you feeling full longer.

4. Eggs will egg you on. Whole eggs, that is. Skipping the yolk is an idea that has now been discarded by nutritionists. An egg for breakfast will give you an early morning energy head start to sustain you till midday.

5. Add color to your first meal of the day. Fruit and veg are rich in minerals and nutrients, as well as fibre and water content – everything that’s good for you. Add mushrooms and tomatoes to your omelette, or an avocado side to your boiled egg. A banana-on-the-go if you have no time for a sit-down breakfast is always a good start to the day.