All of us experience those days when just getting out of bed in the morning seems like a Herculean task. There may, however, be a link between feeling low and a deficiency in your diet. Try adding these ‘mood-boosters’ to your meals to beat back the blues.

1. Leafy Greens. Folate is the main nutrient in leafy green veggies. Studies prove that it stimulates brain function and helps in improving concentration, which is why it’s added to fortified breakfast cereals. Lima beans, lentils and asparagus are also good sources of folate.

2. Brazil Nuts. They’re rich in selenium, a nutrient that helps protect your body from damaging particles called free radicals. Research says young people who don’t get enough selenium in their diet are more prone to suffer from loss of motivation and general low moods. Alternative sources of selenium are brown rice, lean beef and seafood.

3. Carrots. Full of beta-carotene, carrots are an ideal snack. Beta-carotene is not only good for improving eyesight, it also helps develop better concentration. Cantaloupes, pumpkin and sweet potatoes are also good sources of beta-carotene.

4. Coffee. Starbucks or Sattar Baksh, or even brewed by the office machine, a cup of coffee is a proven stimulant and mood booster. The caffeine will give you a temporary ‘high’ that will get you through the next few hours at least on a sharper mental plane.

5. Milk. There’s a reason why athletes all over the world swear by it, and mothers are always right, of course. Milk is not only the most perfect food on the planet, it’s also the best source of Vitamin D, a deficiency of which is definitely linked to lethargy and depression. Make sure a glass of milk is part of your daily diet to ensure you’re getting the ‘sunshine vitamin’ to keep you bright and cheerful.