Choosing the right stuff to drink is as important a part of your diet-plan as is the food you eat. The correct choice will pep up your metabolism, control your appetite and reduce your calorie intake.

  1. Water. Once you embark on your diet, just replacing soda with water will cut down hundreds of calories per day. Drinking a glass or two of water before a meal will make you eat less. Water has a positive effect in your metabolism, removes toxins from your bloodstream and gives you better looking skin as well as a better looking body.

2. Fruit Juice. Nutritionists on both sides of the fence are still arguing. Fruit juice is full of nutrients but the boxed kind is also full of additives and sweeteners. If you’re buying from the store, look for 100% juice. It’s best to squeeze it at home, though and have with the pulp, which is fibre, and keeps your appetite curbed. Veggie juices are a good alternative. One cup of orange juice has 122 calories, but a cup of tomato juice has a lowly 42.

3. Smoothies. They’re definitely a healthy drink, but not the kind you order in restaurants, with added flavours, sweeteners and toppings like ice cream – definitely no help in weight-reduction. Make your own at home, so you know exactly what’s going in. Use low fat yoghurt and skim milk to draw the best benefit from your heathy smoothie.

4. Black Coffee. Rich in antioxidants and calorie-free, 3-4 cups a day improves your mood and gives you the boost you need to get on with your work, and your diet. Research says black coffee may fend off dementia and Alzheimer’s, and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and cancer.

5. Green Tea. Scientific research is now touting the benefits of green tea as a stimulant to weight loss. Without the milk and sugar usually added to black tea, it’s a much better choice for dieters anyway. Micronutrients called catechins in the green tea help curb your appetite, and keep your mood upbeat.