Japan tops the list of countries where longevity is a given. An average Japanese citizen can expect to live to be 86, but many go much over that. According to John Beard, director at the World Health Organization, it all boils down to diet and lifestyle. The traditional Japanese diet of plenty of fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, and a low intake of meat and saturated fats is a major factor. Besides, the Japanese society has a strong family structure, people spend a lot of time outdoors and they have an infrastructure of stress-relieving community activities.

Spain too, boasts of strong family networks that ease stress, making it possible for its citizens to have an average life-expectancy of 85. The healthy Mediterranean diet and a climate conducive to outdoor activities, are also responsible for the prospect of Spaniards living longer than people in other countries.

Both Australia and New Zealand have governments providing exceptional healthcare infrastructure for their citizens. This, and the fact that people of both these countries enjoy trekking, cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities, keeps them fit and active well past their eighties.

Switzerland is another country where you can safely expect to live past 80. The wealth of the Swiss government allows it to provide excellent benefits in healthcare and tax-reduction for its citizens, giving them a stress-free, longer life span compared to residents of other places.