Let’s be honest, men are relatively more inclined to be careless about health issues than women, who are natural fretters.

With the stresses of modern work environments and the comparatively faster pace of life than that of previous generations, you need to take care of yourself and avoid falling into these health hazards.

  1. Thinking you won’t get a heart attack. Guys tend to think the ‘Big Hazard’ can only strike the elderly, but you’re wrong to think that! Hereditary cardiac disease can strike you as early as in your 30’s, so make it a point to see that your diet and exercise routine is ‘heart-healthy’.

2. Ignoring snoring. About 50% of guys who snore have obstructive sleep apnea – a condition which can make you stop breathing for a few seconds. Sleep apnea is sometimes linked to hypertension and cardiac disease, so get a checkup if you have a snoring problem.

3. Thinking sunscreen is only for the ladies. Proper skincare is not about gender. Exposure to the sun is the leading cause of skin cancer. Actor Hugh Jackman has been talking about his run-in with skin cancer recently, and is an active proponent of protection against the sun. Guys, as much as girls, need to use sunscreen every time they’re going out in the sun.

4. Not keeping track of trips to the loo. If you’re going more frequently as age advances, especially at night, it could be a medical problem like an overactive bladder or an enlarged prostate, or even some form of cancer. You need to talk to your physician about it ASAP.

5. Skipping consultations with the doctor. Guys will think up any excuse under the sun to avoid seeing a doctor, often self-diagnosing problems they may have, and getting by with over-the-counter, self-medication, which can often lead to complications. Regular visits to the physician for a routine check-up help you keep track of your health and are very important.