In Pakistan, the use of antibiotics is reckless as well as widespread, because of the mindless tendency to resort to self-diagnosis and self-medication; instead of consulting a doctor, which most people deem to be ‘too much of a hassle’.

A study initiated by the UK government has set off alarm bells about this flippant use of antibiotics, warning that because of over-use, most antibiotics are becoming ineffective. In the near future the research says, this will lead to a number of health-threatening conditions becoming untreatable, as resistance to antibiotics is growing at an alarming rate all across the globe.

With this lowering of resistance, experts warn medical procedures, from Caesarian sections to chemotherapy, could become much more complicated and hazardous to perform.

The study predicts that if urgent measures aren’t taken, by the year 2050, 10 million people a year could die due to drug-resistant infections.

At present, easy, over-the-counter availability of antibiotic drugs means that many people, without any understanding, even use them to cure the common cold. With over-use, the human body becomes resistant to the drugs – meaning that when you really need them to work at fighting against serious infections, they’re going to be ineffective.

It was recommended by the research that antibiotics must never be taken without consultation with a physician, and their use must be limited.