The last thing you’d think of adding to your coffee would be butter but believe it or not, this combo is gaining more and more fans across the world, especially those with grueling work schedules, and wellness experts also giving it a thumbs-up.

Though the idea has already been cashed in on as a brand called ‘Bulletproof Coffee‘ most aficionados say you can make your own version by just adding two tablespoons of unsalted butter to a piping hot cup of black coffee, the benefits of which they’re ready to swear by saying nothing gives your day a better jumpstart than this brilliant concoction.

Here are some ways in which buttered-coffee could prove to be the best food choice you’ve made this year.

1. The Best Time-Saver. Having a sit-down breakfast on working days is just impossible for most people, but the super-fast substitute of two tablespoons of butter in a cup of coffee give you the calories and energy you need to keep you going till lunch time.

2. Sustained Alertness. People who’ve already incorporated bulletproof coffee in their schedule say it keeps them alert and focused for at least six hours, unlike traditional coffee, which gives you a boost of a much shorter duration.

3. Maintaining Weight Stability. Unbelievable though it sounds, health experts say it’s an actual benefit of butter-added coffee. Grass-fed or organic dairy butter is best, as it contains linoleic acid or CLA, which has been proven to reduce body fat.

4. Better Cognitive Function. Not only will the butter-coffee combo keep you awake, it’ll also enhance your analytical skills, because the fats in butter are good for your brain. Butyrate, the short-chain fatty acid in it, increases energy while helping to fight inflammation, neurodegenerative disorders and heart disease.