Somewhat of a “burger addict”, when I came to learn a new burger joint named Burger Lab opened up on Rahat, right around the corner from my house I couldn’t wait to check it out… Immediately scouring Facebook for news and reviews, I found myself salivating just reading their menu – staring at their food gallery, dreaming of the moment I would have one of their mouth-watering burgers in my hands.

Immediately impressed by their strong online presence it was decided – Burger Lab it will be!

Not ones to wait in a queue (no matter how goddamn good a burger is) we called ahead and asked if we could place an order over the phone. Polite and thoroughly accommodating our order was received and we were told it would be ready in 15 minutes.

Between the two of us we ordered three burgers: a Big Bang, the Mushroom Cloud and their only chicken option the Fire House, with a side order of Chilli Poppers and Curly Fries. Like us, expectations were high and with a host of burger joints in Karachi to choose from, Burger Lab really needed to bring their A-game. Service was so good they even sent me a text on my mobile phone informing me when my order was ready for collection.

After handing over a reasonable 1250 rupees for our entire meal, we got in the car and headed towards home as that ‘new burger smell’ began to circulate. By the time the two of us reached home, we didn’t wait for plates or napkins and ripped open the bags like two fat kids on a cupcake spree… Though, that’s not to say we didn’t appreciate the fancy packaging!

Food-wise let me be frank – I have had A LOT of burgers in my life – Mr. Burger, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Denny’s, Burger King, Johnny Rockets, Fatburger, Burger Shack, GBC, GBK, Five Guys, Byron, Burger Inc., Big Thick Burgerz, you name it – if it’s a burger joint, I have done my part for science and checked it out!

Sadly however and much to my disappointment, Burger Lab for me doesn’t belong in the above list.

While the idea was dead-on target and the combinations bang-on, the execution left much to be desired and ultimately that all came down to one thing – the preparation of the meat. While both our beef burgers were tolerable, I think back to the chicken option and just shudder. My first (and only) bite into the Fire House where my mouth immediately filled-up with oil and chewy meat was enough to make me put down the burger, reach for my cigarettes, light-up and say “that’s it for me!”

Maybe it’s me and my expectations were just too high, but with a slew of burger joints across Karachi I feel I’m in a position whereby I (and many Karachiites I know) are allowed to be a bit picky. It’s not like having a burrito or going for Koshari where we’re starved for options…

Overall great service, great packaging, great price – Average product!