It may not chime on the hour like London’s most famous landmark, but an Indian clocktower in Mysore will certainly cut Big Ben down to size, making it look dwarfish in comparison.

Indian tech giant Infosys has revealed that it will be building the world’s tallest clocktower, which will stand at its Mysore campus, a befitting home for it, since it’s the largest IT training facility on the globe.

Scheduled to begin functioning next year, the Infosys tower will stand at 443 ft (135 m). At present, though many cities in the world have clocktowers – Pakistan has two, Karachi’s Mereweather Tower and the Ghanta Ghar in Faisalabad – the tallest free-standing tower is Birmingham’s 100m high Old Joe.

Infosys Executive Vice President Ramadas Kamath says the new clocktower will reflect the spirit of the company, which is aiming to be the biggest in the world. The clock will symbolize the “perfection, discipline and hard work” that are the hallmarks of Infosys.

Unlike its rivals, the Infosys tower will use state-of-the-art digital technology for timekeeping, though it will sport the old-fashioned clock face like them. This will give it the ability to display messages on special occasions like religious holidays and national days.

Being built at a cost of $10 million, most of the tower will be pre-fabricated in Tamil Nadu, and then assembled in Mysore. It’s going to house conference rooms, a visitor lounge, viewing galleries and dining facilities in its 19 storeys.