“You can run all day on the treadmill and never outrun your bad choices”

Let’s face it, cardio is boring! It’s unproductive and just straight up boring, every second of every minute on the cardio machines feels like an eternity. Below are three separate circuit routines that you need to replace with your time on the treadmill. It’s time to switch your cardio workout because honestly, slugging around on a treadmill like a zombie won’t do much.

If you want to lose fat FAST and also not feel like you are going to die on a treadmill because it feels like a chore, try these cardio acceleration exercises. They’re a mixture of body-weight routines, plyometric and CrossFit-inspired rounds for time. These circuits are guaranteed to burn fat faster than any treadmill, elliptical or bicycle.

Bodyweight Movements:

When powering through a bodyweight circuit you want to complete each exercise with a higher rep count before moving onto the next. Your aim should be 20-30 reps of EACH exercise with 90-120 second rest time after every completed round. Incorporate this circuit into your weekly regimen (maybe on your off day) and run the circuit 3-5 times. Remember, good form is essential.

Push-ups – 20-30 reps
V sit-ups – 20-30 reps
Walking lunges – 20-30 reps
Pull-ups – Till Failure
Supermans – 20-30 reps
Step-ups – 20-30 reps
Chair dips – 20-30 reps
Burpees – 20-30 reps
Bicycles – 20-30 reps

Rest for about 90-120 seconds and repeat

Rounds for Time:

These routines are more popular among the CrossFit crowd, increasing your muscular endurance and work capacity. Select 2-3 exercises that you can perform back-to-back without any rest and time your sets, hitting the targeted amount of reps. Your mission is to hit the entire workout as fast as possible and to beat your personal best.

Round and Round Sample #1:
Circuit: 3 rounds
Push-ups – 30 reps
Sit-ups – 30 reps
Squats – 30 reps

Round and Round Sample #2:
Circuit: As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes
Push-ups – 10 reps
Walking lunges – 10 reps
Pull-ups – 10 reps


Plyometric training basically increases the power generation and the fast-twitch muscle fiber activation. Plyometrics also produces a strong calorie burn, hours after the initial workout. Do 10-20 reps of each exercise followed by a short rest and moving straight to the next exercise. Take 1-2 minute break after running the full circuit, then repeat.

Plyometric Power Workout
Circuit: 3-4 rounds
Squat jumps – 20 reps
Medicine ball presses – 20 reps
Box jumps – 20 reps
Medicine ball twist – 20 reps
Jump Lunges – 20 reps

Rest for 90-120 seconds and repeat the circuit

Be sure to do a nice 15-20 minute warm-up for your whole body before starting any of these workouts to avoid injuries or muscle pulls and sprains. And GOOD LUCK!