When it comes to power-oriented sports like body-building, it always comes down to the big three that counts as the base of your total strength. The squat, the dead-lift and the bench press – these are the lifts that ultimately determine the amount of strength you can generate.

1. Eat BIG to get BIG: The biggest mistake people make when they are trying to bulk-up is that they don’t consume enough calories and protein. It is crucial to eat adequate amounts of vital nutrients in order to supply the body with sufficient building blocks not only to repair the muscles but to also build bigger and stronger ones.

2. Lift Heavy: Lift heavy in order to get big — it’s that simple! The heavier you lift in between the rep range of 6-8 using mostly dynamic lifts (squats, dead-lifts, barbell press) the more your muscles will develop. The most successful body builders are the people who lift heavy weights earlier in their careers and build a massive foundation.

3. Sleep enough: Sleeping at least 6 to 8 hours a day guarantees optimal recovery and hormonal production. Most people underestimate the importance of sleep, small details matter in the long-run so make sure to go to bed early at night which in turn will help you achieve your goal.

In body-building the more you achieve the harder it gets to move to the next level, but the hard work solely depends on you. If you are dedicated and have an end goal then you have to work for it. Always remember, there are no shortcuts to success.