If you think Lollywood is going to slow down anytime soon, you’re wrong! With a name as captivating as ‘Revenge of the Worthless’, a Lollywood action-drama film by Jamal Shah is scheduled to release in January, 2016.

The film is a reality-inspired fiction which tells the story of a few unsung heroes. Heroes, who sacrificed themselves for their beloved homeland in the 2009 Swat insurgency. The director dedicates this heart-wrenching film to the true stars of our nation, as an attempt to recognize them as much as they deserve:

“The film shows the deep commitment and sacrifices rendered to save our country, land and cultural narrative. The message conveyed by the film is positive.”

Revenge of the Worthless stars Jamal Shah in lead, the phenomenal Ayub Khoso, Firdaus Jamal, Shamyl Khan, Maira Khan and Emel Karakose. Under the production banner of HunerKada Films, Amna Shah stands in as producer with Zohaib Akhtar the assistant director. This won’t be the first on-screen appearance for the debutante director, the performer, now aged 59, also appeared in the British film ‘K2’ in 1991.

“The most important thing in art is relevance,” he says. “In our current circumstances, it’s this issue that has affected many, many lives and so is most relevant.”

This culturally rich narrative was shot over a span of 42 days in the mesmerizing valleys of Swat, Peshawar and Islamabad. Jamal Shah recently confirmed that film will be distributed nationwide by Summit Entertainment.