“Everything is mine, even if I don’t own it,” is one of the lines Johnny Depp delivers with perfection, mimicking Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Depp impersonates Trump in mock biopic ‘The Art of the Deal’, released by Emmy-winning film production company and website Funny or Die. Critics are already calling it the ‘best Trump impression ever’.

Stepping into the shoes of Donald Trump, says Depp, is easy; all you have to do is tap in on your ‘inner billionaire brat’. In a talk greeted by applause and cheers at Arizona State University, Depp said that there was a lot of pretense and bullyism in the persona of Trump, but in essence, the word ‘brat’ describes him best.

In his ‘Trump impression’, Depp has embroidered on many absurd statements by the billionaire businessman turned politician to poke fun at him. Latinos in particular, and Democrats in general, loved this ‘Trumpism’ rolled out by Depp,”I’m going to build a wall. And all of my billions are not going to have to pay for the it. Because you know why? Mexico is going to pay for it!” Suffice to say, Republicans must be cringing.

Director Jeremy Konner thinks Johnny Depp has Trump nailed down, bringing to it ‘some real, meaty, dark stuff’ that no other actor would be able to do.

Check out the promo above.