HBO’s critically-acclaimed drama ‘True Detective’ wrapped-up its first season with the release of its finale on March 3rd. Months after Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey and Oscar-nominee Woody Harrelson left the show, writers have started to prepare for the second season. The upcoming season has been surrounded by rumors regarding casting and plot details with comedian Vince Vaughn now reportedly in the running.

The ‘Swingers’ and ‘Couples Retreat’ star will be taking a more dramatic career route if he does in fact sign-on for the critically-acclaimed series. According to Deadline, Vaughn is in discussion for the role of the series’ main antagonist Frank Seymon, a former thug who now functions as a businessman. The story follows the investigation into the murder of a fictional California city manager, Ben Caspar. While investigating Caspar’s death, the detectives assigned to the case will uncover a plot to alter the freeway gridlock of the entire state. This season will feature three leading detectives, one of whom will be a woman and the first female lead on the show.

Although Vaughn’s expressed interest in the role may come as a bit of a shock considering comedy is his forte, he actually has a number of dramatic roles already under his belt. He recently finished filming the crime drama ‘Term Life’ starring alongside Hailee Steinfeld, and featured in films: ‘Into the Wild’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘The Cell’. Show creator Nic Pizzolatto apparently wrote the role of Seymon with Vaughn in-mind, and the two previously worked together on the 2005 smash-hit ‘Wedding Crashers’.

Other names rumored to be joining the cast from next season include: Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch and ‘Mad Men’s’ Elizabeth Moss. Farrell is apparently close to closing a deal to play Ray Velcoro, a damaged man assigned to the investigation alongside Ani Bezzerides, a damaged alcoholic (rumored to be Moss) and Paul Woodrugh (rumored to be Kitsch), a scarred veteran.

Season one of ‘True Detective’ has been nominated for twelve awards at the upcoming 66th Annual Primetime Emmys, and attracts around 3.5 million viewers weekly. Production on the second season is scheduled to being sometime in the next few months.