If you want to hold a rocking musical extravaganza, what better venue than a town called ‘Boom’? That’s exactly where Tomorrowland, the world’s biggest electronic music festival, was held this weekend bringing together more than 180,000 music enthusiasts from across the globe.

The Belgian town of Boom, situated midway between Antwerp and Brussels, has been playing host to thousands of music lovers from all over the world since 2005. The Tomorrowland festival began as a one-day event, but has since expanded to a three-day party with more than one venue. Brazil and USA have joined in on the mission of ‘bringing the world together through music’.

With Brussels Airlines as a partner with the Belgian government, the idea of the festival is to try and bring together people of as many nationalities as possible from around the world to drive home a lesson about diversity and harmony through music. Brussels Airlines even launched a challenge to get the #BiggestInternationalSelfie to see how many flags and people could be squeezed into a photo.

The venue had 15 fantastically imaginative stages, decorated with wildly creative themes, from exploding butterflies to active volcanoes, from where world-famous DJs and artists entertained the charged crowds who had come together this weekend to forget about the issues that divide the world, and focus instead on sounds that unite.