And it’s about time too. Ever since it was reported last week that Daniel Craig had turned down a £60 million offer to star in two more Bond films as Britain’s most famous secret agent, rumor mills have been working overtime, speculating on who’s going to step into his shoes. It turns out that public opinion is strongly in favor of turning the series into high-heeled ones.

The contenders for the role have just been joined by a female aspirant: Gillian Anderson, who is now lined up with actors Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy and Idris Elba. Incidentally, Elba says he’s become weary of the constant gossip. Speaking about it, he remarked, “I’m probably the most famous Bond actor in the world, and I’ve not even played the role.”

The latest flurry of speculation began in fun, when a poster of Gillian Anderson, star of ‘the X-Files‘, posing as 007 appeared on the web. Anderson says she doesn’t know who made it, but she posted it on Twitter, saying she loves the idea and is totally game for it, tweeting beside the poster: “It’s Bond, Jane Bond” with the hashtag #NextBond.

Judging from all the positive responses the poster and the Anderson tweet have generated on social media, it seems that Bond fans wouldn’t mind a revamp of the franchise, and a female Bond could reignite the spark that in an ageing James, seems to be sputtering.