Bollywood aspirations are always only just a step behind Hollywood shenanigans, so if Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian can have their own apps, why not Sonam Kapoor?

The Indian diva, famous for her iconic fashion sense as well as her acting talents, is the first Bollywood celebrity to launch an app that will ‘enhance connectivity’ with her huge fan following, giving her admirers ‘direct access into her life’.

Ms. Kapoor recently announced the launch on social media, and it began trending immediately, for who wouldn’t want the next best thing to a ‘close encounter’ with the super-glamorous Bollywood star.

Sonam’s latest release, ‘Neerja’ showcased her best acting skills and won her much acclaim and the coveted Critic’s Choice Award, and her fan following just keeps on growing.

The actress will be interacting with fans in live chats on the app, and answering their questions. Tabs like ‘My Life’, ‘Sonam Live’, and ‘My Tribe’ will keep them informed about all aspects of their favorite star’s life.