It seems that a new wave of social consciousness is making headlines across the country. They say our nation is experiencing a “brain drain”. We say the real change makers are gearing-up to create a social revolution! Noorjehan Bilgrami’s Koel Gallery is on a mission; to save one of the world’s most exotic and exciting cities – Karachi. The third largest city in the world, Karachi is in need of a savior and finally, our messiahs have arrived!

The 22nd to the 24th of November will see the country’s finest creative minds unite in a peaceful cultural movement to save our city. Musicians, writers, artists and architects from all parts of the country and all strata’s of society will come together and save Karachi through a shift in creative paradigms. And this is just the tip of the iceberg; in addition to cleaning and removing chalk drawings from walls, a food festival will be in full-swing to entertain and entice Karachiites’ every sense.

It’s a movement that fuels the very concept of “umeed ka safar” and compels you to stand up for what you really believe in! Restoration of the original Karachi Cantonment Railway Station is just one of the many projects that this eclectic group of individuals is particularly excited about. Other projects include the bringing back to life of craft traditions of the old Empress Market, Frere Hall and Burns Road.

Students have expressed their emotions on canvas and painted over every ounce of passion to depict the true nature of their feelings. With a string of projects in the pipeline, Pur Sakoon Karachi aims to paint the whole town with a magical pallet of peace, prosperity and serenity!

Some of the greatest creative minds in the country see that no matter what, no senior bureaucrat or government authority will come-in and fix what has already been broken… Hence it is up to them to lead and set an example so that others can follow, and finally make a difference!