For around 20 years Electronic Arts’ ‘Need for Speed’ series have been among the top-selling gaming titles in the world. The racing series has also drawn comparisons to the successful ‘Fast and Furious’ film franchise.

2014 has been a landmark year for the series. Their latest installment ‘Need for Speed: Rivals’ became one of the most-popular racing titles on both the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. Thus it seemed making the move to the big screen was the next logical step.

The film titled just ‘Need for Speed’ stars ‘Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul as Tobey Marshall, owner of a custom-car workshop in New York set-up by his recently deceased father. He and his friends are competing in De Leon, an underground racing competition hosted by the reclusive ‘Monarch’, brought to life on-screen by versatile talent Michael Keaton.

Marshall is framed for murdering his friend Pete in a high stakes race with his arch-rival Dino Brewster, played by ‘The Devil’s Double’ Dominic Cooper. After being released from jail on parole, Marshall takes off on a 44-hour cross country road trip to De Leon with his love interest Julia, portrayed by the lovely Imogen Poots. En route to the race the couple is set-upon by police and bounty hunters hired by Brewster.

The film has many throwback moments to the games including ‘Most Wanted’ and ‘The Run’. One of the scenes even has Marshall and his friends playing a split-screen version of the original ‘Need for Speed’. The film looks amazing in 3D making all the car chases, racing sequences and explosions just spectacular, ‘in your face’ moments.

The cop chatter, weapons and maneuvers employed by the police seem straight out of ‘Most Wanted’, ‘Hot Pursuit’ and the recent ‘Rivals’ games. The cross-country run from New York to California is most definitely inspired from ‘The Run’, which allowed players to take control of a driver in a similar cross country road trip situation competing against the police, weather and time.

Fans of the NFS series will really get a kick out of the film despite the all-too familiar revenge plot. However, those unfamiliar with the games will love the film if they enjoyed previous racing titles like ‘Death Race’ and ‘Gone in 60 seconds’.

Though we doubt it’ll be nominated for an Oscar, ‘Need for Speed’ is a great action-packed popcorn flick guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seats!