Another day another controversy for Bollywood’s serial-kisser Emraan Hashmi. Last week his upcoming kiss-scene with Pakistani actress Humaima Malick in their hotly-anticipated comedy ‘Raja Natwarlal’ was all in the rage, as the media had a fanfare with what this would mean for the film’s release in Pakistan.

This week, it appears the ‘Ghanchakkar’ star is again in the line of fire as media reports suggest his relationship with his uncle and mentor Mahesh Bhatt has hit a new all-time low. Bhatt, who credits himself as being the ‘architect behind brand Emraan’, was more than a little peeved when his nephew reportedly prioritized ‘Raja Natwarlal’ ahead of Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming film ‘Mr. X’.

According to Oye! Times, Emraan was supposed to shoot ‘Mr. X’ and wrap up the supernatural thriller in 10 days, but instead he allotted those dates to the makers of ‘Raja Natwarlal’ for promotional activities as the film nears its release date. Bhatt took to the popular micro-blogging site Twitter to publicly express his displeasure tweeting, “Gratitude is the life blood of any meaningful relationship. I am grateful to Emraan for giving his best to us. But is his grateful to us?”

And to make sure Emraan got the message, the legendary director behind hits ‘Arth’, ‘Aashiqui’ and ‘Zakhm’ followed-up his earlier tweet with another one shortly after, tweeting “Charity begins at home. Emraan Hashmi can’t ‘steal’ from Peter & gift it to Paul. He can’t cancel MR X’s shooting & do PR for Raja Natwarlal!”

Emraan, who has always credited his uncle with giving him his first big break in Bollywood, was quick to retort tweeting, “Having a tendency to constantly rant and solve personal issues on Twitter .. Twitter happy :)”

He followed-up his tweet a little while later with another one tweeting, “Have contacted Oxford dictionary to add ‘Twitter happy’ after our family feud on Twitter.”

Uncle and nephew will likely make peace, but let this be a reminder to all not to take your loved ones for granted (especially if they’re connected)!