Not one, not two, or three, but FOUR sequels of ‘Avatar‘ are in the pipeline – and fans are already beaming with joy.

Filmmaker James Cameron’s announcement at Fox’s CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas is like a cornucopia of treats.

Cameron had already made public his intention of producing three follow-up movies to his original 2009 film, which grossed $2.8 billion worldwide.

‘Avatar 2’ will hit the screens Christmas 2018, and the other three sequels are expected to be ready for release in the years 2020, 2022, and the last one in 2023.

Though each film will have an independent plot, story-line and conclusion, they will together create a “true , epic film saga” like none before.

Working earnestly for the last two years with a team of the industry’s four top screenwriters, Cameron says the progressive world of ‘Avatar’ is already in place with new environments, new cultures, creatures and characters that will capture the imagination of audiences.

And while the makers of ‘Avatar’ are ready to ’embark on a truly massive cinematic process’, the fans are no less eager to join the trip.