Could Humaima Malick become Pakistan’s newest Queen of Controversy after Veena Malik? Based on her kissing scene with Indian actor Emraan Hashmi for her upcoming Bollywood film ‘Raja Natwarlal’, it could very well be the case depending on the reaction of the masses at home.

However, Malick is willing to take the risk and is confident she will be backed by her fellow countrymen. While speaking to the Press Trust of India (PTI) Malick said, “I made myself strong with the thought that talent has no religion. It was just a role. I have made my country proud as I was nominated for Best Actress for Bol across several countries and won award at the London Asian Film Festival”.

“I am sure that people in Pakistan will support me. There will be people who will criticize me, but if I take them seriously, I won’t be able to do a lot of things in my career,” she added. Hopefully the Pakistani audiences will come through for her when the film releases in cinemas at the end of this month.

Malick said that her kissing scene ‘went really well’ thanks to her charismatic co-star who is also an ‘expert kisser’. She also pointed out that Hashmi himself has quite the loyal fan following in Pakistan.

Sexually explicit and racy scenes have historically been censored in Pakistani cinemas so it is likely her ‘kiss’ may not even be shown. It could be safe in a way to avoid any backlash or criticism from the masses.

The 26-year-old actress made a big splash in Pakistani cinema when she starred in Shoaib Mansoor’s blockbuster hit ‘Bol’. If her Bollywood debut goes well then this could be just the beginning for Ms. Malick.

‘Raja Natwarlal’ is expected to hit cinemas on August 29th, 2014.