I imagine it can’t be easy being a celebrity… Constantly in the papers and donning headlines. Forever in the media spotlight. Your each and every move up for public scrutiny.

Ever since Kareena Kapoor became Mrs. Saif Ali Khan, eager fans and overly-eager showbiz publications have been anxious to report on the royal couple starting a family. Only, the royal couple isn’t starting a family.

A leading daily had earlier reported that Mrs. Khan was spotted visiting a gynecologist at Sitaram Medical Centre, Bandra for a sonography. And that was all it took for the rumour mills to started spinning.

Shortly after, another Indian daily reported the actress is trying to freeze her eggs — a modern alternative for mothers who wish to postpone their pregnancy. The article cited a source saying, “I doubt she is pregnant. She is freezing her eggs. A lot of career women who put off pregnancy freeze their eggs for later, when they are ready to start a family. Bebo is already in her late 30s. It’s a wise decision”

But it appears the ‘Ki & Ka’ star was having none of it!

Kapoor swiftly quashed the news saying, “What are these rumours? I am not pregnant. I am not planning to have a baby for the next two years. What rubbish people talk! I have not even gone anywhere. And when I decide to have a child, I will have it the natural way. I don’t believe in freezing my eggs.”