Freedom of expression has always been a source of controversy in Pakistan and the disappearance of Sadruddin Hashwani’s recently published book, Truth Always Prevails from the shelves is yet another example. Hashwani, who is the Chairman of the Hashoo Group, owner of hotel chains Pearl Continental and Marriot in Pakistan has made some serious allegations against former President Asif Ali Zardari in his memoir even going so far as to say he was the man behind the bombing of his Islamabad hotel back in 2008.

The book has especially drawn a lot of attention after Zardari issued a legal notice against the author and publisher demanding to take copies of the book off the shelves throughout Pakistan. According to the legal filing, the book’s content “tarnishes his name and that of the PPP”. The legal notice also mentions that the PPP Co-Chairman is entitled to 500 Million PKR in damages for loss of reputation and an additional 500 Million PKR for mental agony and torture, as reported by the Express Tribune. But the disappearance of the book from the shelves before any legal ruling still remains a mystery for many. According to sources, the publishers confirmed the book’s unavailability due to orders directing book outlets to take copies off the shelves, as reported by the Daily Mail.

On the other hand, Hashwani appears to be unperturbed by the recent legal filing and continues to highlight the central role of Asif Ali Zardari in the September 2008 bombing and attempts made to assassinate him on a number of occasions. “Zardari tried to kill me many times and once I was rescued by the then Pakistan Army general Jehangir Karamat. Army, intelligence and Mehran force have all records that how killers were hired to kill me, I left the country in heavy escort of army men,” he told the Nation.

Hashwani has also since made it possible for readers to purchase the forcibly removed memoir by sending orders to a Gmail address, through which you will be able to receive the book.