Among the most highly-anticipated blockbusters to release this year ‘Godzilla’ finally made its way to the big-screen this month, treating fans to a spectacle they couldn’t have even imagined!

With an all-star cast featuring ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Bryan Cranston, ‘Oldboy’ hottie biscuit Elizabeth Olsen, ‘Kick-Ass’ star Aaron Taylor-Johnson and versatile Japanese talent Ken Watanabe, ‘Godzilla’ is the clearest indication yet that the ‘monster movie’ genre has still to be mastered.

Credit where it’s due, the visual effects were astounding! Watching the scaly, skyscraper-size behemoth lay waste to civilization in 3D made for an intense movie-watching experience. With every ‘roar’ and ‘wail’ of the beast, you feel the ground shake beneath you as you sink further and further into your seat.

Much like ‘Jaws’ which research indicates served as director Gareth Edwards’ inspiration for the film, Godzilla doesn’t immediately appear but rather builds up to its appearance while still delivering an eerie and terrifying off-screen presence.

This could easily be ground zero for a whole new series of films, and according to online movie database IMDb that certainly appears to be the case with Edwards reportedly attached to direct the sequel. But even if it remains a standalone picture, Edwards uses the film to tell an entire story, and for the first time in as long as I can remember it feels like Godzilla actually matters.

12-hours on and my ears are still ringing from the thunderous sounds of the beast. ‘Godzilla’ is not a great movie, it’s a good movie. But what is great is that Hollywood is finally trying to find a balance between visual effects and the thing that perhaps matters most – a good story.