Fear of the supernatural is deeply instilled in most of us, especially if the connotation is evil. You may find it hard to believe but some celebrities have been accused of being too much in touch with the ‘dark side’.

Lady Gaga is constantly in the news for all the wrong reasons. In 2012, a maid at London’s Intercontinental Hotel made allegations claiming the singer bathed in blood. Perhaps she was just rehearsing for her role in ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’?

Conspiracy theorists suggest that the most lovable member of The Beatles, Paul McCartney is a secret Satanist because his song ‘Revolution 9’ in ‘The White Album’, apparently says ‘Turn me on, dead man ‘ when played backwards!

Nicki Minaj was accused of being an agent of the devil by nutsy website Beginning And End, which states its mission is to expose the Illuminati. The racy rapper, it says, corrupts children with Satanic lyrics and music.

When power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce revealed that they’d be naming their daughter Blue Ivy, some Twitter users were quick to point out that the name, spelt backwards, was Eulb Yvi, Latin for Lucifer’s daughter — Seriously, guys?

And let’s not forget the Queen of Pop Madonna. Her dabbling with the dark arts and occult, namely Kabbalah, have exposed her to accusations of being definitely Satanic. She is, after all, the self-professed ‘Material Girl’.