Just days after its release, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ took the world by storm, even becoming the world’s number 1 movie for few days! Out of the many things, the movie’s costumes grabbed a lot of attention.

Mayes Rubeo, a talented costume designer who also won an Emmy for creating the costumes for Disney’s Wanda Vision, was the person behind the masterpieces. She is a Mexican fashion designer who created amazingly beautiful customs for the film.

Marvel Studios has a location in North Hollywood where it keeps all of the costumes that its characters have worn throughout the last 15 years of motion pictures. Working for Taika Waitti, the director, for the heroic persona played by Chris Hemsworth and for the Mighty Thor, played by Natalie Portman, Rubeo brought the quirky and vibrant visual vibes she utilized for the Thor movie in 2017.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Image: Marvel Studios

Chris Hemsworth put a lot of effort into shaping his body to resemble the biggest Thor ever, developing a remarkable discipline for such a strong role. He has 25 costumes in Love and Thunder. The rock ‘n’ roll, 80s biker style, though, is intriguing. The use of bolder hues for his Thor armor such as metallic golds, reds, and blues complements the style of the movie.

Image: Everett Collection

Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor

Image: Marvel Studios

When designing the heroine’s appearance, Rubeo mimicked the natural elements of Thor’s attire. She, therefore, chose the deeper red and silver metallic colors for the Mighty Thor costume. She dresses in leather trousers, a silver bodice, and a bicep ring to draw attention to her muscles. The great Thor’s costume also includes a winged helmet, which was tricky to create around the eyes. Hence, Rubeo designed Natalie an expressive and lightweight headpiece.

Christian Bale as Gorr

Image: Marvel Studios/Disney

Christian Bale plays the antagonist Gorr who, in contrast to both Thors, has a monochrome appearance. To emphasize Gorr’s ancient past, Rubeo drew inspiration from marble statues when designing the costume and gave Bale a draping appearance. Since Thor’s side is black, Rubeo painted it white to make it look even stranger. His clothing’s handwoven fabric gives it a feeling of an earlier time. 50 yards of linen were used to drape the white robe costume over Bale, which also concealed a cooling mechanism that prevented overheating.

Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie

Image: Opentapes

Valkyrie, a companion of Thor, appeared wearing her ‘Phantom of the Opera’ sweatshirt for the major battle. Rubeo designed Valkyrie’s attire to portray a person with a life. While negotiating with Waitti on Valkyrie’s sweatshirt printing, Rubeo had the thought, “Everyone has seen a ‘Phantom of the Opera’ T-shirt,” referencing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s enduring theatrical production. Her sweatshirt look resonated more than her armor look.

The movie costumes for sure left us all in awe. “The nitty-gritty of the situation is that with every project, I want more — I want to be challenged every time”, Rubeo said. “I want to do another country of costumes. Another planet of costumes!”