Thought you had seen the last of Die Hard? Think again! One of the most successful action series from studio 20th Century Fox, the gun-toting franchise is all set to get another shot at making them more money.

Die Hard 6 is slated to be an origin story set in 1979 New York. Deadline reports that the latest installment will be directed by Len Wiseman (who also directed Die Hard 4) and produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura (producer of Transformers and RED 2).

But what about our main man Bruce Willis? Well according to the latest, Willis will be seen playing a rookie cop alongside a young actor who will play McClane’s 1979-self. The story will unveil how John McClane ended up becoming the potty-mouthed, trigger happy New York cop we all know and love. This won’t be the first time someone will play a younger version of a Bruce Willis character onscreen. Our beloved Joseph Gordon-Levitt did justice to Bruce Willis’ younger self in the futuristic hit Looper.

The five Die Hard films have grossed over $1.4 billion around the world. So there was really no question as to whether or not to bring the franchise back. The only question that remains now is, who will they cast to play the young John McClane?