In the last fifteen years, the animation industry has seen some huge breakthroughs. Over years of development, we have created a landscape that’s friendlier towards a more diverse range of animation styles and subjects. Thanks to Box Office miracles and our Good Luck, animated films aren’t about to go anywhere soon. But if you’re new to the genre, these 5 absolute classics are a Must Watch!

The Lion KingThe Lion King is perhaps the most famous animated production in the history of filmmaking. In terms of technical expertise, the film was a massive achievement due to its gorgeous imagery. With a dramatic plot that takes all the emotion out of you, The Lion King won the hearts of both, drama and humor lovers. Moreover, the musical numbers in the film were some of the best Disney ever came up with.

Finding NemoThe 2000’s is considered Pixar’s heyday. Finding Nemo is the tale of a clown fish father who embarks on a journey across the ocean to save his son Nemo from captivity. If nothing else, one can’t deny the level of detail that can be found in every nook and corner of the animation. It’s a cinematic masterpiece with an ocean of emotions. It’s hard not to be apprehensive about next year’s Finding Dory, the follow-up, after all these years. If the sequel’s even half as good, Toy Story may see some competition.

UpUp HAS TO BE on the list just because of the fact that its the most heartbreaking animated death in history happen. Up is an illustration of Pixar’s ability for character creation and relationship-building. It’s a tale full of colorful balloons, a stuttering boy scout and a hilarious talking dog. All in all, Up is nothing less than a joyous affirmation of life at any age (or height).

Toy StoryLeave it to Disney to change the game. Toy Story showcased the benefits of the latest technology. The aesthetics of the film still hold up as timeless. Its screenplay, which was nominated for an Oscar, entertained both young and old with a thrilling adventure that dealt with emotional themes anyone could relate to. Toy Story set the bar for what animated films could be, with its creative capabilities and technical wonders.

Despicable MeminionsThe Minions emerged as the stars of Universal’s animated blockbuster hit Despicable Me. Though they became more popular on their own, than the film they first appeared in, the little yellow creatures aren’t the only reason Despicable Me became a modern animation classic. The film featured an unlikely protagonist in Gru, a super-villain obsessed with taking over the world. Thoughtful, funny, and well-crafted, Despicable Me showed there’s good in all of us.