A decade… That’s how long Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol fans have waited to see Bollywood’s most-loved duo romanticize each other again in a tear-jerking story. After teasing fans for a year the trailer for Dilwale finally released this week, and honestly, its done nothing but get fans to face-palm in disappointment.

As much as one had hoped for a gut-wrenching love story, the trailer clearly indicates Dilwale will be nothing more than another Rohit Shetty vehicle blowing up in smoke. For many DDLJ fans, the whole point of bringing the duo back together was to soak in their storied romance. Instead, all we get is Shah Rukh’s signature arm-spreading pose, superfluous footage of Varun Dhawan and little more than a lush backdrop of Kriti Sanon (she looks good).

Given that the film is being heavily promoted as ‘the return of SRK-Kajol’, fans have been painfully deceived.

I suppose the good news is, SRK and Kajol are ACTUALLY back! Their chemistry remains as immortal as ever. Kajol looks great for 41. And if you really think about it Rohit Shetty does have a good film or two?!!