In a surprising turn of events, Ryan Reynolds-starrer ‘Deadpool’ is performing so well at the box office it joins the list of the ‘Top Five Highest Grossing R-rated Films.’

Over its first weekend the action-comedy raked in more than $135 million — the best opening weekend ever for an R-rated film. This overtakes the previous record of $91.7 million set by ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ back in 2003. Other films on the list include last year’s blockbuster ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, ‘American Sniper’ and ‘The Hangover Part II’, all of which earned between $80 – $90 million on their opening weekends.

Ryan Reynolds had earlier stated that Deadpool would be the last comic book character he would ever portray. He did however mention that he was open to sequels and/or cameos.

Considering the film was made on a tight budget of just $58 million and has so far grossed nearly five-times that amount, it’s little wonder studio 20th Century Fox has already green-lit a sequel.