Daniyal Noorani is no ordinary talent… The writer, composer, animator and musician is one of the more versatile creative forces in Pakistan today. Noorani is the Founder & CEO of KaroKuch, a studio specializing in media content that brings to light social issues with the hopes of portraying Pakistan in a positive light. Their highly-acclaimed animated series ‘Quaid se Baatain’ was developed to create encouraging community values among Pakistanis.

Noorani hails from Lahore and is an MBA from world-renowned business school INSEAD, specializing in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is an Acumen Fellow and the main go-to guy at Wakhra Studios, an up-and-coming digital media agency. He has also established himself as a fine writer with articles published in The Express Tribune and The Huffington Post.

Four years ago, Noorani released a song and music video ‘Find Heaven’, which was selected for both the London Independent Film Festival and the Boston International Film Festival. While speaking to Koolmuzone he was quoted saying, “The basic objective of Find Heaven was to highlight the exploitation and manipulation of the impoverished and confused. It was to show how we as a society have failed to provide for the basic needs of our people, such as justice, education, food, security etc and how this leads to the exploitation of people. In the video I tried to put more emphasis on the journey rather than the end result, because unless we address the events and root causes that lead to these sorts of actions, these actions are bound to be repeated”.

Noorani is the jack-of-all-trades and a bright young mind who through his work, wants to encourage Pakistanis to become more open-minded and supportive of breaking down social barriers. Through his music, animation and videos he wants us to think about the bigger picture, look inside ourselves, and decide what makes Pakistan great.

If we could all just take a leaf out of Noorani’s book and become that little bit more socially-aware, we can finally create this ‘Naya Pakistan’ we’ve been hearing so much about!