Pakistani cinema is, of late, not only going through a renaissance of sorts, but also breaking out of the traditional mould of clichéd themes and hackneyed plots.

Come August, cinema-lovers will experience seeing a completely new kind of Pakistani film – the first of its genre. Omar Hassan’s ‘Dance Kahani’, his debut venture as a director, is bringing the nation’s hip-hop culture to the silver screen.

In a recent interview, Hassan said he wanted to do something different from the trending nationalistic ‘war-themed’ films and the ‘family-oriented’ comedies that have been showing in cinemas lately.

The main protagonist of ‘Dance Kahani’, played by Scottish actress Madeleine Hannah (who is also a professional dancer), is a British-born aspiring ballerina who has to abandon her dreams when her family relocates to Pakistan. In a society where dancing as a career is frowned upon, the plucky heroine refuses to give up, and eventually finds an underground hip-hop circuit where she can be her true self.

In addition to Hannah, ‘Dance Kahani’ also introduces hip-hop artists from all over Pakistan, who will get a rare chance to showcase their talent. Inspired by a DHA-based hip-hop club which Hassan discovered a few years ago, the film is about pursuing your passion regardless of prevailing negativity.

Ranging from rock to dubstep and bhangra, the 13 tracks included in the film are sure to keep your toes tapping in step with the dance performers, and ‘Dance Kahani’ will provide an insight into the lives of these immensely talented people who pursue their dreams in dark shadows.