Around three decades ago, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, two of the biggest musical sensations at the time, collaborated on a track named titled ‘Say, Say, Say’. With the King of Pop gone for over five years now, McCartney, in memory of the legend, released an updated mix of the track on Facebook. The remix is a fresh music video directed by Titanium vocalist, Sia in collaboration with Ryan Heffington.

The ‘Say Say Say Remix’ is more upbeat and dancier than the original in an effort to make it more compatible for the audiences today. However, the voices of both singers have only swapped positions to not take away from the true essence of the song. A black and white video, choreographed beautifully, uplifts the song’s spirit and helps us relive MJ’s indelible memories.

McCartney has released a full version of the song as a part of his album, Pipes of Peace 2015 Remaster, which is out now.