Hate him or love him, you gotta give this man credit for what he is — the most versatile talent Bollywood has produced in the last decade.

From romcoms like ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ and ‘Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl’ to period dramas like Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s blockbuster ‘Bajirao Mastaini’, there appears to be no role to daunting for the great Ranveer Singh. c“I’ve always been an attention-seeking kid. I can’t help it if I’m being myself and having fun. That’s one thing people try to twist around and use against me. If I have inherent energy that’s infectious so be it. I’m aware I’m not normal and am a bit more uninhibited than the rest. I don’t try to seek attention. Rather I’m the centre of attention.”k“Some love it, some hate it, some think it’s outstanding and some think it’s ghastly. But that’s okay. I dress for myself. If I feel good about what I’m wearing when I step out, that is all what matters.”d“Priyanka Chopra makes me feel like a blonde.”h“I’ve learnt that you shouldn’t take people seriously, whether they praise you or trash you.”g“My definition of success is not how much money you have, how many cars you have or what you’re wearing. The way I define success is how you touch other people’s lives and how many lives you are able to make better.”b“I definitely want to survive, live and see a happy ending in which Deepika and I live together happily ever after.”i“Fashion is an expression of what you’re feeling.”e“Romantic movies are my least favourite genre. I love movies that are twisted. It may seem a little hypocritical because I am a romantic hero.”l“I am not a cheat or a liar. I am very simple. I find excitement in my work and do it honestly. I don’t like negativity, manipulation and politics. So, I stay very far from them.”f“I love aunties! And aunties love me! I love interpersonal interaction, large crowds and mobs. The mob thing excites me.”

(Image credits: hdpicswale.in)