This is no wizardry but the magic of engineering science, involving a method to map your DNA, invented by Professor Chris Toumazou, who heads the Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology at Imperial College in London.

Professor Toumazou has been designing innovative applications for microchips in the fields of genetics, healthcare, biology and electronics for several years; now he’s brought them all together in a breakthrough invention that could change your life forever.

Toumazou is the genius behind the ‘Sensium pad’ – a device enabling doctors to monitor patients’ vitals from a distance. He also designed the first cellphone that operated on both digital and analog signals.

The latest ‘lab-on-a-chip’ that Toumazou has invented, is a sequencing device on a USB stick that can perform a DNA test in less than 30 minutes, telling if a person is genetically predisposed to certain illnesses like Type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease. This knowledge equips the consumer to incorporate changes in lifestyle, take precautionary measures and minimize future risks. It can also help to pinpoint which drugs an individual would respond to best, and set out a correct dosage.

The best thing about this product is privacy-protection. Since it’s self-administered, consumers can, in the privacy of their homes, plug it into a desktop or laptop, and by giving a saliva swab get all the information they need, without the risk of it passing on. As it’s not added to any database or server, effectively your past, present and future remains in your own hands.