Who doesn’t get stuck in traffic jams and never-ending queues in Karachi these days? Or worse, awkward situations with five strangers peeking into their phones while you sit around wondering what to do… Here’s our advice, save the awkwardness for later and download these top five free games for your smartphone right now:

Asphalt 8: Airborne
For smartphone gamers with high regards for graphics, Asphalt 8 is the complete package of racing thrills by the very reliable, Gameloft. Players are supposed to win eight challenging seasons of the game by earning credit points to be able to purchase the most sought-after cars available on any smartphone racing game, ever! Moreover, Asphalt 8 also supports online gaming and posts breathtaking new events regularly.

Dumb Ways to Die
If you’re looking for hilarity, Dumb Ways to Die will fill your appetite. Your character in the game is put into a new death situation on every stage in a ridiculous manner, and you’re the only one who can save yourself from doom.

Yoo Ninja
Complicated yet unbelievably addictive, Yoo Ninja is a constant sprint of a tiny Ninja who has to get through all the hurdles and reach the end of every stage. Currently, there are two seasons of the game which boasts more than 10 million downloads so far…

Clash of Clans
A game you see a commercial of on almost every app is Clash of Clans. The objective of the game is to raise your army and lead your clan to victory. It will require some serious strategic thinking on your part but give it a chance and before long you’ll find yourself obsessed.

Temple Run
A game which needs no introduction, Temple Run is a character’s run for life from the Demon Monkeys chasing it on a never-ending highway. One of the most popular games to ever come out for the smartphone Temple Run has managed to hold its own in an increasingly competitive market.