Ustwo is the ultimate name in gaming when it comes to mind-blowing scenery. Remember ‘Monument Valley’ on the iPhone? That was them!

Ustwo now enters the world of virtual reality with its latest title ‘Land’s End’. The game is a spiritual successor to Monument Valley, and has been developed exclusively for the Samsung Gear VR headset. Land’s End sees you interact with magnificent landscapes as you embark on a journey to awaken an ancient civilization. The VR headset means you can explore the world in 360 degrees, traveling over mountains, through water and between canyons. Moreover, as there are no actual buttons to press on the headset, you just need to look at visual markers to move around.

Early reviews have labelled the game as ‘so engaging that you almost forget you’re wearing a headset’

Land’s End is currently available for pre-order and priced at Rs. 10,500.

Image credit: Ustwo